A working man again

In the span of about 48 hours, I have gone from no jobs to two jobs. Two jobs? I’m exhausted at the sound of it. Tell my new bosses I’m going to need a holiday soon!

Starting next week, I am really excited to be joining both The Province and Canucks Army as a contributor. These are freelance arrangements and I appreciate the support and understanding of both outlets to make all of this work. The tentative plan is to write a Canucks column each week to appear in the Sunday Province while also adding to the terrific work Province staffers are doing on the digital side at theprovince.com (podcasts, videos and the potential to be part of other yet to be revealed top-secret projects).

As for the Army, I will be posting there a couple of times a week. I am hoping to be able to write a weekly long-form blog similar to what I have been doing here at WordPress for the past two months providing my thoughts and toying with numbers as they pertain to the Canucks. I will also post stand-alone thoughts on the issues of the day involving the hockey club.

Although my background has been in radio for more than two decades, I have always enjoyed expressing my thoughts in print (and on-line). Over the years, I have written for the Kamloops Daily News, enjoyed a 10-year run as a columnist for The Georgia Straight, I have contributed to a variety of magazines and had my work posted at canucks.com, cfl.ca and tsn.ca. That’s why it seemed only natural in November to take to blogging to keep my writing skills sharp and to keep my name out there. I have been amazed at the response to the blog and thank everyone for their feedback.

The past couple of months have not been easy or much fun, but these new opportunities get me back in the game and for that I am grateful and excited to move forward. I have to thank Wayne Moriarty, Paul Chapman, Jonathan McDonald and the crew at The Province who have have been so supportive throughout the process. The same goes for Thomas Drance at Canucks Army who was among the first to reach out with the offer to join him and his talented staff of writers. I wish I could have made all of this happen sooner, but that’s not the way things played out. However the time is now right to get back to the rink, to get back around the hockey team and to get back to work.

As for this blog, it will continue to exist but will likely serve as a traffic cop directing you to my work elsewhere. I may have one more post after Saturday’s game against Calgary before I start with my new projects. If you don’t already, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter. I will certainly tweet out links to any and all of my work wherever it is posted.






10 thoughts on “A working man again

  1. Great news Jeff! I’ve missed you on the radio, and I’ve always read your blog. I’m glad you’re back in the mainstream media, and I look forward to reading your future work!


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